Featured on the tour...LINDA RONSTADT

As far as singers go, few compare with Linda Ronstadt. The epitome of musical versatility, she started as a country singer, before effortlessly weaving her way through rock, pop, folk, jazz, r&b, Mexican bluegrass, and opera.  

In the 1970’s, she – along with her contemporaries Joni Mitchell, Stevie Nicks, and Carly Simon – revolutionized & re-invented the role of women in music. Through music, fashion, and politics, she helped initiate a culture shift that started on Santa Monica Blvd and eventually spread all over the world. Along the way she acquired the moniker “The First Lady Of Rock” for her dominance on the Billboard charts. Grammys, Oscars & Emmys followed, and in 2022 she was inductee in The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame. 

Here on Los Angeles Rock Tours you’ll see where she was discovered, where recorded her albums, and where she lived the life as one of the most successful musicians of all-time.

Cory Danziger

Cory Danziger is a creative entrepreneur and conceptual artist from Los Angeles, CA. An actor in film and television for many years, Danziger is best known for his work in the world of fine art as a partner at SceneFOUR...

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Our Signature Tour brings you the best of L.A.'s musical legacy. See where the world's biggest rock legends record, where they play, and where they hang out. There are loads of photo ops along the way. A two-hour trip through Hollywood in the comfort of a luxury vehicle. And we might just have some video surprises from some special guests too!

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