Featured on the tour...VAN HALEN

Guitar playing can be defined as such: BEVH & AEVH. Before & After Eddie Van Halen. An unequivocal musical genius, he singlehandedly created the modern-day guitar hero, and within a few years of his debut, Sunset Blvd was inundated with music shops selling instruments directly copied after his. 


But it wasn’t all about him. Van Halen cut their teeth as the house band at Gazzari’s –  the venerable night club run by it’s notorious owner Bill Gazzarri, recorded albums at the renowned Sunset Sound recording studio, and ate a lot of late-night hot dogs. In doing so they came to define the sun-drenched, carefree, and debaucherous culture of Southern California. From Melrose Ave – Ground Zero of new wave culture, to Santa Monica Blvd – future Mecca of the LGBT community, Van Halen were a curious mixture of everything Hollywood had to offer. 


And it is with Los Angeles Rock Tours that you’ll see where they – and especially – changed the world. 

2 hours
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Up to 10

Hollywood Rock 'N' Roll History Tour

Our Signature Tour brings you the best of L.A.'s musical legacy. See where the world's biggest rock legends record, where they play, and where they hang out. There are loads of photo ops along the way. A two-hour trip through Hollywood in the comfort of a luxury vehicle. And we might just have some video surprises from some special guests too!

Two tour times to pick from - 11am-1:30pm and 2pm-4:30pm, Monday thru Saturday.

3 hours
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Chartered Tour

Our Chartered Tours showcase the world's biggest rock legends record, where they play, and where they hang out, but with the privacy of your own Sprinter with just your guests.